Renewable Energy

Tri-objective optimization of a hybrid solar-assisted power-refrigeration system working with supercritical carbon dioxide


Shoaib Khanmohammadi, Onder Kizilkan, Faraedoon Waly Ahmed

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The objective of current research is the optimization of a novel parabolic trough solar collector assisted power-refrigeration system. The innovative system utilizes CO2 as a working fluid, which is a natural medium and consisted of three sub-cycles: a Brayton cycle, a Rankine cycle, and a vapor compression refrigeration cycle. The main advantages of utilizing CO2 as working fluid are; available in large quantities, environmentally friendly properties such as negligible global warming potential and zero-ozone depletion, and excellent thermodynamic properties. The required heat energy demand of the system is supplied by solar energy using a PTSC. The thermodynamic performance of the system is examined in terms of energy and exergy analyses for a specified design configuration. An economic analysis of the suggested system is carried out for the optimization procedure. With the optimization results, the …