International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

3-E analysis and optimization of an organic rankine flash cycle integrated with a PEM fuel cell and geothermal energy


Zhixiong Li, Shoaib Khanmohammadi, Saber Khanmohammadi, Abdullah AAA Al-Rashed, Pouria Ahmadi, Masoud Afrand

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The current research deals with thermodynamic and economic analyses and optimization of a geothermal system integrated with organic Rankine flash cycle (ORFC) and a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEM-FC). A thermodynamic model for ORFC and PEM-FC is developed to investigate employing the PEM-FC in a combined geothermal ORFC. A comparative study is carried out to determine the effect of applying PEM-FC in a geothermal based ORFC. The validation of PEM-FC simulation with experimental data from the literature shows a good agreement. The results of numerical modeling indicate that using the rejected heat in the PEM-FC instead of the low-temperature geothermal source can increase the net output power from 254.9 kW to 1628.9 kW and the exergy efficiency from 23.77% to 36.19%, in the case of R123 as working fluid for the ORC system. Furthermore, using the PEM-FC imposes 9 …