Journal of environmental management

Multi-objective optimization of a photovoltaic thermal-compound sensible rotary heat exchanger system using exergo-economic and enviro-economic approaches


Wei He, Azeez A Barzinjy, S Khanmohammadi, Amin Shahsavar, MA Moghimi, Masoud Afrand

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This paper presents exergo-economic and enviro-economic assessment of a novel building integrated photovoltaic thermal-compound sensible rotary heat exchanger (BIPVT-SRHX) system. The innovative BIPVT-SRHX system preheats/precools the outdoor air in winter/summer and generates electric power. The performance of the system are analyzed from the energy/exergy viewpoints for Kermanshah, Iran climatic conditions. Then, the multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA) optimization is used to optimize to determine the optimum values of geometric and operating parameters in order to maximize the annual average exergo-economic and enviro-economic aspects of the system. The considered geometric and operating parameters include the length, width and depth of the air channel located underneath the PV modules, the air mass flow rate, and the diameter, rotational velocity and length of the SRHX …