Zahra Ahmadian

Mechanical Engineer


Hi! My name is Zahra, and I’m a mechanical engineer passionate about energy systems. I’m pursuing a Master’s degree in Energy Conversion, where I’m learning about the latest technologies and techniques for optimizing energy systems to improve their efficiency and sustainability. I’m also proficient in using the EES (Engineering Equation Solver) app to model and simulate energy systems.

My work primarily involves:

  • Designing and modeling energy systems.
  • Analyzing their performance.
  • Optimizing them for maximum efficiency.

I’m particularly interested in renewable energy sources, thermal power plant cycles, and energy storage systems.


Energy systems modeling

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Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

Ayatollah Boroujerdi University

Master in Mechanical Engineering, Energy Technologies

Kermanshah University of Technology, 2022~current time

Fields of interest

Multigeneration systems, Solar energy, Solar Still Desalination