Journal of Cleaner Production

Thermodynamic modeling and analysis of a novel heat recovery system in a natural gas city gate station

Shoaib Khanmohammadi, Morteza Saadat-Targhi
Publication Date:
In the present study, five configurations of integrated system are introduced and comprehensive thermodynamic modeling and analysis for different arrangements are carried out. An organic Rankine flash cycle (ORFC) and a thermoelectric generator (TEG) are integrated with a real city gate station (CGS) to recover the thermal energy of exhaust gas at 400° C in an indirect water bath heater (IWBH). The new aspect of the present research is proposal the novel arrangements of the TEG modules, ORFC and IWBH to improve the thermal performance of the CGS integrated system. Energy and exergy analyses employed to evaluate different arrangements of integrated systems. Comparative analysis of different suggested systems revealed that integrated system including IWBH, ORFC and TEG modules with placing the TEG modules after ORFC (Case V) shows better performance. Due to the better performance, Case …