Sajad Khanjani

Mechanical Engineer


Hello! My name is Sajjad, and I’m a mechanical engineer born and raised in Iran – a country known for its diverse natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. I’m based in a region that enjoys some of the sunniest days throughout the year. I received my master’s degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on heat and fluids from the Kermanshah University of Technology, where I honed my skills in programming, modeling, and simulating physical and chemical phenomena.

My work primarily involves programming, modeling parts, and simulating various physical and chemical phenomena using advanced computational tools. I’m particularly interested in multiphase flows, heat transfer, renewable energies, 3D printing, nanofluids, design and optimization of thermal power plant cycles, thermodynamics, and artificial intelligence.

I’m always eager to learn and explore new ideas and technologies. In my free time, I enjoy reading up on the latest advancements in my field, experimenting with new programming languages and tools, and exploring the great outdoors. I’m also passionate about community service and have volunteered my time with various organizations to help make a positive impact on society.


Energy systems modeling

Optimize Energy system

Solar systems modeling

Design and model rigid bodies

Autodesk Inventor




Bachelor of agricultural engineering

Razi university~2011 – 2015

Master of mechanical engineering (Heat and fluids)

Kermanshah University of technology~2018 – 2021

Work experience

Research Assistant

Kermanshah university of technology Kermanshah~ 2019 – Present

Fields of interest

Renewable Energy/Energy Harvesting/Energy Storage/Smart Energy/Solar PV EnergyOptimization/Artificial intelligence/CFD