World Journal of Engineering

Feasibility study of using solar energy as a renewable source in office buildings in different climatic regions

Shoaib Khanmohammadi, Mohammad Zanjani, Farzad Veysi
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Present research focus on using solar energy as a renewable option for office buildings in different climatic conditions in Iran. To seeking a way to use clean solar energy and reduce current expense in buildings an investigation carried out. Nine office buildings in various climatic regions selected as case studies. Through a precise examination, buildings specifications, energy demand and climate information carried out. In the first step based on the buildings type and hot water demand, solar water heater systems designed for each case. In the second step, a cost-benefit analysis is done to detriment the economic aspects of implement aforementioned type of solar system. A cost-benefit analysis is done from saving energy and return time of investment point of view. Results indicate that solar water heater with low investment about US $500 and payback time between 2 and 5 years can be noticed as a …