Applied Thermal Engineering

Energy and exergy analysis and multi-criteria optimization of an integrated city gate station with organic Rankine flash cycle and thermoelectric generator

Morteza Saadat-Targhi, Shoaib Khanmohammadi
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The current study deals with the thermodynamic modeling, and multi-objective optimization of a pressure reduction station integrated with an organic Rankine flash cycle (ORFC) and a thermoelectric generator (TEG) waste heat recovery system (WHRS). Using the real operating data of a city gate station (CGS), a thermodynamic simulation was developed using EES (Engineering Equation Solver). The exergy analysis as a rigorous method was applied to find the exergy destructive components of the integrated system. Computations indicate that the exergy efficiencies of the indirect water bath heater (IWBH), ORFC condenser and TEG modules are 1.41%, 30.45%, and 16.34%, respectively, which are the lowest asset values among all components. Five main decision variables were defined as objective functions by the parametric study of the integrated system. Results of multi-objective optimization offer a set of …