International Journal of Energy Research

Energy and economic evaluation and multicriteria optimization of different arrangements of integrated photovoltaic thermal and heat recovery wheel system


Amin Shahsavar, Shoaib Khanmohammadi

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The present research deals with the multicriteria optimization of two arrangements of a combined system including a building‐integrated photovoltaic thermal (BIPV/T) with a heat recovery wheel (HRW) for Kermanshah weather condition in Iran. The considered arrangements have two operational approaches including heat and cool approaches. In the heat approach of the arrangement (I), the fresh ambient air is preheated in two steps by flowing first among the HRW and then through the BIPV/T collector. In the cool approach of the arrangement (I), the outdoor air stream enters the HRW and is precooled there by exchanging heat to the building exhaust air. The exhaust air then enters the BIPV/T collector and cools the PV panels, thereby augmenting their efficiency. The cool approach of the arrangement (II) is like the arrangement (I), while in the heat approach of the arrangement (II), the outdoor air first gets into the …