Energy Conversion and Management

A comprehensive approach for optimizing a biomass assisted geothermal power plant with freshwater production: Techno-economic and environmental evaluation


Parisa Heidarnejad, Hadi Genceli, Mustafa Asker, Shoaib Khanmohammadi

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In the current research, a comprehensive thermodynamic study of an innovative biomass-geothermal power plant combined with a desalination system is presented and analyzed. The suggested system is a geothermal based cascaded steam/organic Rankine cycle benefiting from municipal solid waste combustion in order to enhance its performance. Besides, the exhaust gasses of municipal solid waste combustion are utilized as the primary energy source for driving a multi-effect desalination subsystem which converts the seawater into low salinity water. A comprehensive approach including energy and exergy analyses along with thermoeconomic evaluation is applied to investigate the viability of the plant. First of all, validation of the presented model has been tested by means of comparing the results with published data, through which a good agreement has achieved. The energy and exergy efficiencies can be …